Manufacture of precision instrument bearings and combined bearing assemblies

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Research and development is a package of works aimed at the gaining of new knowledge and practical application in the creation of a new article or technique.

OK-LOZA OJSC together with the leading research institutes in the area of machine building and material science, continuously conducts research and development for the purpose of improvement in the quality, reliability, and service life of bearings:
  • Development and manufacture of new types of bearings, including those in accordance with the customer’s technical requirements, bearings of original designs, with improved performance and service life;
  • Type and life cycle tests of bearings;
  • Research of bearings after operation as a part of articles;
  • Research of properties and possibilities of application of new types of steels, alloys and polymeric and ceramic materials;
  • Research of materials machinability with edge and abrasive tools, development of special tools;
  • Research of properties and methods of heat and chemical-heat treatment of materials.

Examples of completed projects:

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
Development of a technology for heat treatment of improved corrosion-resistant bearing steel ensuring the obtaining of an ultradisperse structure and high quality of the bearing components surface operating under severe service conditions.
Treatment of bearing components made of steel produced by the method of equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) together with FGUP I.P. Bardin TsNIIchermet, N.E. Bauman MSTU and Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU).

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
Development of a composition and resource-saving technology for manufacture of a high-strength bearing steel for machine-building industry.
Manufacture of trial batches of bearings made of a new medium-carbon, economically alloyed steel of grade 75KhGSF developed by Severstal OJSC and their life cycle tests and studies together with FGUP I.P. Bardin TsNIIchermet and University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI).

Micron-Holding LLC
Development and manufacture of oil-free, high-speed ball bearings

Svetlana-X-ray CJSC
Development of documentation on bearings for X-ray equipment for inspection of new types of coatings for bearings components operating in vacuum without lubrication: molybdenum diselenide coating and heavy-duty ceramic film coating of the working surfaces of races

Zlatoust Metallurgical Works OJSC
Development of a composition and commercial production of corrosion-resistant steel 60Kh13S-ShD for instrument ball bearings

N.E. Bauman MSTU, Chemical-Heat Treatment of Metals Department
Development work on the optimization of the conditions for carbonitriding of bearings components using vacuum units