Manufacture of precision instrument bearings and combined bearing assemblies

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Organizational structure of OK-LOZA OJSC includes 5 main production departments: shop of turning works, grinding-polishing shop, assembling shop, tool shop, and balls production shop.
Main engineering and technological divisions of the plant are as follows: department of chief designer, department of chief process engineer, department of chief metrologist, department of chief metallurgist, chemical-engineering laboratory, metallography and heat-treatment laboratory, test bench.
Over 300 people in more than 250 professions work at the plant.
Now the following professions are the most demanded:
  • Engineers: design engineer, process engineer, engineer- metallurgist, electrochemical process engineer, electronic engineer;
  • Workers: turner, grinder, miller, specialist in metal polishing, mechanician, repair technician of the equipment, electricians for equipment repair.

OK-LOZA OJSC offers the following vacancies:

  • Design engineers,
  • Process engineers (machining),
  • Electromechanical process engineers (electroplating and electrochemical treatment),
  • Chemical engineer (metallurgists),
  • Electrochemical process engineers,
  • Turner operators, grade 4,
  • Mill operators, grade 4,
  • Grinders, grade 4,
  • Turner operators, grade 5-6,
  • Mill operators, grade 5-6,
  • Grinders, grade 5-6,
  • Sorters of bearings components, grade 4,
  • Polishers, grade 4,
  • Mechanicians,
  • Operators of washing machines,
  • Electricians for equipment repair, grade 4-6,
  • Electric motor winders,
  • Finishers,
  • Operators of electroerosion machines,
  • Grinders on coordinate grinding machine, grade 4-6,
  • Tool grinders, grade 4-6,
  • Molding machine setup technicians

Job conditions:
  • Employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Work schedule 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • High wages for skilled technician.
  • Possibility of on-going training and career growth.

Contacts for employment: Sergiev-Posad District, Loza Settlement,
HR department phone: +7 (496) 551-96-75.