Manufacture of precision instrument bearings and combined bearing assemblies

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Components of turbochargers for cars and tractors engines

Precision components of a turbochargers rotors for cars and tractors engines of types K27, K36, S13, S14, K27 and K36 – equivalents of 3K turbocharger components by BorgWarner Turbo Systems (Germany). S13 and later S14 – development of CZ Strakonice (Czech Republic) for John Deere (USA) - manufacturer of tractors and combine harvesters.

1. About 40 components of standard sizes for various types of turbochargers are manufactured. High accuracy of components manufacturing facilitates the process of a turbocharger rotor balancing.
2. Material – steel 40Х or steel 45 quenched to the hardness of 50-54 HRC.