Manufacture of precision instrument bearings and combined bearing assemblies

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Applications of free balls from various steels and alloys, polymeric and ceramic materials from 0.68 to 60 mm in diameter and with accuracy rating from 5 to 200 (Russian Standard 3722-81):

  • A high-grade chromium steel – in all the machine-building industry branches and in the production of consumer goods;

  • Stainless steel – in the machine-building industry, electrotechnics, medicine, as components of valves, for dosing equipment, in electric appliances and in mechanical pens;

  • Silicon molybdenum steel - in oil production and refining industry - in drill bits and turbo-drills;

  • Balls made of low-carbon steel for ammunition with environmentally friendly shot, round-nose copper-pated bullets with a caliber equal to 4.5 for air guns;

  • Brass – equipment for cars and other devices;

  • Cermet and polymers - in the valves of high-pressure pumps, operated in a corrosive environment, in various nodes assemblies of machines and instruments;

  • Polymers – in the production of consumer goods instead of steel balls.

Balls used as separate components

(quality requirements - TU)

Balls made of stainless steel.

TU 4513

Balls made of corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium steels.

TU LOZA 001-02

Balls made of stainless steels.

TU LOZA 005-2006

Balls 6÷57 mm in diameter for valve units of electrically driven pumps.

TU 37.006.103-79

Balls made of corrosion-resistant steels for penpoints.

TU 37.590.001-95

Balls made of low-carbon steel ø 4.5 mm.

TU LOZA 002-03

TU LOZA 003-03

Round-nose bullets with a caliber equal to 4.5 for air guns

TU LOZA 007-2007

Large-diameter brass balls

TU LOZA 006-2007

Balls made of aluminum alloys

TU 37.006.145-86

Hard-alloy balls

TU 37.006.073-85

Balls made of polyamides

TU 37.006.004-80